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The quality, dedication and enthusiasm of employees are essential and crucial components for an organisation to be successful. Recticel is very much aware of this and is also committed to recruiting and retaining the best and most competent employees. One of the cornerstones of the Recticel Group mission is that all employees must be given the opportunity to develop their individual talents within the context of the Group strategy and with respect for the Group values. With its Talent & Competence Development Program, launched in 2010, Recticel seeks to encourage its employees to perform better and more efficient individually. Values like team spirti, sense of responsibility, entrepreneurship, respectful behaviour, professionalism and striving for excellence are all very high priorities for Recticel.

The purpose of the Talent Management Program is to evolve Recticel's business culture and focus more on performance. The motto is to have the courage to take on new challenges and to always do better.

Success is modest improvement consistently done

Under the new Competence Management Program, we started with two core competencies that should lead to the following behaviours:

  • 1. Focus on Results
  • be passionate
  • be as successful as you can be
  • prepare as if you were number two
  • love what you do
  • remember your losses more than your wins
  • 2. Build Talent & Teams
  • provide challenges
  • listen to and respect others
  • give feedback
  • talk about success.


  • Polygrow
  • Eurofloor
  • FrameFoam
  • Powerroof
  • Ubica
  • Eurothane Bi-3
  • Superba
  • Matratzen Bultex
  • re-bounce
  • Eurowall
  • Swissflex
  • Converting Solutions
  • Beka
  • IsoFinish
  • Comfort Bultex

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